The Conservative 527 group American Crossroads started out campaigning against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada, but leaders were planning to extend their efforts to other races in other states, including the Rand Paul/Jack Conway contest in Kentucky. The only problem? A recent tax filing shows that the group raised a paltry $200 last month. Plus, the group was conceived by Karl Rove, and Politico reports that Democratic groups are using Rove’s presence and the group’s mission to raise money to fight GOP candidates.

“Karl Rove’s American Crossroads group just announced on Friday that it is turning the full force of its fundraising machine against no fewer than eleven Democratic candidates,” warned a Sunday fundraising email from J.B. Poersch, executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “The DSCC is counting on every one of our grassroots supporters to defeat Republicans and defend President Obama in November. We can’t win without your help.”

But the lackluster fundraising numbers aren’t a sign that 527s on both sides won’t be flooding the airwaves in Kentucky. American Crossroads started raising money in March and has over $1 million in the bank, with larger donations expected.

American Crossroads president Steven Law sounded undiscouraged by the puny May fundraising haul, all of which came from small un-itemized donations.

“We spent our first six weeks building a structure that our donors want to see in place, and now we are at the stage where the checks will begin catching up with increased commitments,” said Law. Though he wouldn’t disclose specific fundraising figures for June, he said “the checks are starting to roll in and we are on track to have a solid financial report for June.”