LEO has the story of independent candidate for mayor Jackie Green. Green is the most active of the at least three independents running, and he was barred from participating in last week’s debated, sponsored by the Home Builders Association:

“We know where Mr. Green stands on development, and it is strictly focused on the urban area and redevelopment,” says Tara Brinkmoeller, a spokeswoman for Home Builders. “We know that he doesn’t believe new development should occur. And knowing that he speaks directly against what we stand for, we didn’t feel it was a forum that would’ve been appropriate.”

Still, the impassioned independent rode his bicycle to the event to hear his opponents’ remarks. According to Green, however, a Louisville Metro Policeofficer stopped him at the door, saying debate organizers had ordered law enforcement not to allow him on the premises.

“Then I said, ‘Let’s go talk to Charles Kavanaugh (executive director of the Home Builders Association),’ and we had a little discussion. They decided that I could stay, but still couldn’t participate,” says Green. “And I listened to two candidates who had the gall to talk about open and inclusive government, but they willingly participated in a closed and exclusive exercise.”

The day before the event, Brinkmoeller says the real estate group received a string of e-mails from Green’s campaign, which called for his supporters to come out to the event.