I recently reported on WFPL about a chicken and egg situation…

Louisville needs to have more college graduates in order to compete for jobs, but many companies are looking for educated workforces when they decide to relocate. So which comes first?

Most of the people I talked to–including Greater Louisville Project director Carolyn Gatz and Charlotte Chamber of Commerce President Bob Morgan–said the jobs come once the necessary amount of workers are available. Both the GLP’s Competitive City report and Morgan say it takes more, though. There has to be something not only to attract and keep jobs, but to keep workers with degrees from leaving if they don’t yet have their dream job. What makes them willing to wait? To put city ahead of career?

The report ranks the city’s “Quality of Place,” and Morgan quantified that by speaking from his own experience. He said while it can’t be measured, pro sports and government support for the arts are just as important for keeping people and jobs in Charlotte as tax credits.

Louisville is a leader for safety and greenspace…What keeps you in or out of Louisville?