Southwest Dream Team board chair Robert Price recently released a statement saying the group has nearly completed its eight original objectives for southwest Louisville. To continue serving that community, Price has announced four new objectives, agreed upon by the team’s board:

  • To hasten the design and build of a new interchange at Manslick Road at Watterson Expressway. This expansion will help save lives by dramatically cutting the commute time for emergency vehicles to reach Louisville’s second busiest emergency room at Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital. It will also attract physicians’ offices to the area and provide the neighboring communities with a shorter commute to I-264, saving time and money while reducing carbon emissions.
  • We believe that our schools are the anchor of our community. If Southwest Louisville is to reach its full potential, then Southwest Louisvillians must play an active role in providing solutions that will engage and refocus the our area schools toward complete success. The SWDT will form a “task force” that will work directly with Jefferson County Public School officials, faculty and parents to formulate a strategic plan to effect positive results for the educational well being of our students and families.
  • Southwest Louisville is rich in history and unrivaled in culture and natural beauty. Our vision includes that of a fantastic 20-mile “River and Knobs” greenway, extending from Jefferson Memorial Forest. It would connect to other Southwest treasurers such as Iroquois Park and the greater community network of parkways, bikeways and enhanced transportation corridors. Fredrick Law Olmstead would certainly be proud of our achievement.
  • The Federal Government, through an 850 million dollar investment is transforming our neighbor, Fort Knox, into an economic bonanza. Thousands of military and civilian workers will soon descend upon the area looking for a place to live, shop and play. The SWDT realizes the potential of Dixie Highway as an “economic connector of development” that could bring sustainable growth to Southwest Louisville for many years to come. We seek to aggressively market Southwest Louisville as the “Corridor of Opportunity”.

(our emphasis added)