After Thursday’s forum, Republican Senate Candidate Rand Paul said he wanted to answer reporters’ questions one at a time. The candidate went into an unused room to talk with a print reporter. Afterward, the rule was relaxed and all of the local broadcast TV reporters were allowed in. Once they left, another print reporter was allowed in. After that interview, Paul fielded questions from the remaining three reporters (WFPL, CN2, AP).*

You can hear the interview here.

Paul has said he will do whatever he can (filibuster, for example) to support legislation requiring the federal government to operate on a balanced budget. Paul’s father, Congressman Ron Paul, recently proposed (along with Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA-4) cutting military spending. Rand Paul said the military is on the table, but didn’t say whether he would support withdrawing troops from foreign countries as a way to cut costs. This is discussed in the interview, as is Paul’s support for Kentucky Senate President David Williams‘s rumored bid for Governor.

*Rand Paul’s previous media strategy was recently criticized.