We’ve reported on Kentucky wine and the difficulties selling it in the state. We’ve also reported on the similarities between liquor laws in Kentucky and Pennsylvania. In both states, wine is not available in grocery stores. But in Pennsylvania, a solution may have been found…wine vending machines.

From NPR‘s The Two-Way and the AP:

Swipe your driver’s license, look into the camera, blow into the breath sensor and — voila! — you have permission to buy a bottle of wine from a vending machine.

Pennsylvania, which has some of the most Byzantine liquor laws in the nation, recently introduced the country’s first wine “kiosks.” If the machines are successful in their test run inside two grocery stores, the state Liquor Control Board could place the high-tech alcohol automats in about 100 others.

But does anyone want to buy wine this way?

It seems the answer is yes. Customers using the machine at a Giant supermarket outside Harrisburg were thrilled that it could be a permanent fixture.

A less-complex solution could be to change the liquor laws. After all, we might soon be able to buy merlot with frappuccino.

Thanks to WFPL’s Stephanie Crosby for the link.