The National Review’s latest piece on Rand Paul is online, and it’s generating some minor buzz. Perhaps most notably, the article mentions Paul’s concept for a Tea Party Caucus within the Senate. Or, as Politico describes it:

In an interview with National Review, Paul said that if elected he would like to partner with other tea party-friendly senators to provide a block of representation for the loose affiliation of grass-roots conservative groups.

“I think I will be part of a nucleus with [Sens.] Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), who are unafraid to stand up,” Paul said. “If we get another loud voice in there, like Mike Lee from Utah or Sharron Angle from Nevada, there will be a new nucleus.”

If able to put together such a coalition, Paul said the group would fight for “term limits, a balanced-budget amendment, having bills point to where they are enumerated in the Constitution — those issues resonate with the tea party.”

Last week, Paul said he favors a limit of two 6-year terms for Senators and six 2-year terms for Representatives. Paul’s father Ron Paul has served more than six terms in the House, but Rand Paul says he doesn’t support voluntary term limits.

Elsewhere in the piece, Paul says he wouldn’t necessarily support Senator Mitch McConnell for minority leader.

Asked if he might even potentially vote for a candidate other than fellow Kentuckian Mitch McConnell —the current Senate minority leader — to head the GOP’s efforts in the Senate, Paul responded: “Maybe.”