In the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate, an internet campaign was launched asserting that Rand Paul was “Too Kooky for Kentucky.”

Today, CN2 reports this update from the campaign trail:

While Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway has kept a low public profile, his campaign manger, Jonathan Drobis, participated in an online Q and A session with supporters on Tuesday in which he hinted that Conway’s main message to voters about Republican candidate Rand Paul will be that Paul’s views are too “risky” for Kentucky. Responding to a question from a Northern Kentucky supporter, Drobis wrote that Conway, the attorney general, will “be campaigning in northern Kentucky and across the state highlighting his record of saving money for consumers and holding big oil and drug companies accountable. We’ll also be talking about Rand’s risky ideas like eliminating student aid and not supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

Conway has more money to spread his message than the “Kooky” group, and now that the spotlight around Paul is larger, Conway will have more ammo as well.

But if the Kooky campaign didn’t discourage Republicans from voting for Paul in the primary, what will the Risky campaign do in the general?