A recent Dateline story about Appalachian Ohio and the recession has sparked an odd geographical controversy.

As the Rural Blog and the Athens News report, locals found the report mostly fair, but people commenting online had other ideas:

As of this posting the NBC online transcript of the show had drawn more than 700 comments. A Huffington Post story in preview of the documentary had garnered more than 1,200.

“Online posts from users such as ‘ratsplat’ seemed to echo the complaints of many viewers of the hour-long documentary,” Cunningham writes. “Many criticized some of the featured poor for being overweight, wearing jewelry, having babies out of wedlock and doing things such as smoking cigarettes and drinking soda pop.” In one comment, representative of many others, “Ratsplat” wrote, “The story was trying to convince us that these people are suffering, but we see smoking cigs, fake nails, gold chains, irresponsible teens living off the system by using their children as food stamps, dirty children (how hard is it to wipe a face clean), kids playing with pistols, etc.”