To continue our trend of posts about House Minority Leader John Boehner, we bring you this news from Ohio:

The Blue America PAC has sponsored a billboard criticizing Boehner for his frequent golfing. The sign shows Boehner on the links and asks drivers when they last golfed “119 times in one year.”

The sign is on I-75 just north of Cincinnati, so you may see it on your weekend trip to Ikea. You won’t see it, however, if you’re actually in Boehner’s district.

But the billboard is placed near Paddock Road, outside of Boehner’s district.

The billboard was paid for by donations to the Blue America political action committee, said Howie Klein, the PAC’s founder and treasurer.

Klein said the ad was targeted toward people who live in Boehner’s district.

“We’re trying to reach commuters who are in Cincinnati,” Klein said. Klein added that Blue America was trying to get the billboard on I-75 as close as possible to where Boehner lives in West Chester and this was the closest spot the PAC could find.

Klein said Blue America does endorse Coussoule, but is in no way affiliated with his campaign or with the Democratic Party.

Klein said he believed Coussoule was the first Democratic candidate endorsed by Blue America this year.

Klein described Blue America as a progressive political action committee that supports candidates who are for the American family. He said Blue America opposes candidates who are “whores and prostitutes” for corporations, a category in which he placed Boehner.