Happy Monday, folks!  I hope you all had your fill of street rods, 48-hour films, and art cars over the weekend.  I saw an art car that was covered in moving, singing fish and lobsters.  And a Mazda Miata covered in mirrors like a disco ball.  And don’t even get me started on the street rods or we’ll never get to what’s coming up this week on State of Affairs.

Today we’re talking about losing a spouse.  How do people cope?  Are the needs of young widows and widowers different from those of their older counterparts?  Is it different when the loss in unexpected rather than after a long illness?  And how can you help someone who has recently lost a spouse (hint: this post about what not to say should probably be on your reading list).

This year’s Kids Count Report is out, and we’ll take a look at how children are faring in Kentucky and Indiana tomorrow.

Speaking of the children, Whitney Houston decided long ago that they are our future.  The Kentucky Student Ventures Corporation is teaching them to be entrepreneurs – with an emphasis on green business practices.  We’ll learn about the program and meet one of the students on Wednesday.

On Thursday we find out how a team of U.S. Army robots was modeled after the way schools of fish swim, and how telephone networks were inspired by the intricate work patterns of ant colonies.  We’ll be talking with Peter Miller, author of The Smart Swarm: How Understanding Flocks, Schools, and Colonies Can Make Us Better at Communicating, Decision Making, and Getting Things Done.

Then on Friday we’ll round out the week with State of the News – including analysis of what went down at Fancy Farm and how it will affect the candidates going into fall campaigning.