By now, you’ve probably heard about the GQ story that offers details on Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul‘s college life.

The Paul campaign hinted that legal action might be taken against the article’s author, but as GQ pointed out, at no point Monday did Paul or his staff say the story was untrue.

Well, things changed today (Tuesday). On Fox News today, Paul told Neil Cavuto the GQ article was “outrageous and ridiculous.”

From the Herald-Leader:

He said allegations that he kidnapped the woman and forced her to use drugs were “absolutely untrue” and worthy of a lawsuit.

“No I never was involved with kidnapping. No I was never involved with forcibly drugging people,” Paul said.

When Cavuto asked if the woman’s allegation could have been a college prank, as opposed to kidnapping, Paul declined to provide further details about the incident.

“Well, I’m not really going to try to go back 27 years and remember everything I did in college. … I don’t think that really politicians should be asked to answer anonymous accusers from 27 years ago,” Paul said. “But I will categorically deny that I ever kidnapped anyone or forced anybody to use drugs.”

The woman, identified in the GQ article only as a clinical psychologist and a teammate with Paul on a swim team at Baylor, claimed Paul and another man with him in the secret organization known as the NoZe Brotherhood “never hurt her or did anything wrong.”

“But the whole thing was kind of sadistic. They were messing with my mind. It was some kind of joke,” she told GQ.

GQ stands by its story.