The anti-toll group Say No To Bridge Tolls (ontological, no?) is lauding Republican Mayoral candidate Hal Heiner for his recent stance on the Ohio River Bridges Project. Heiner is still in favor of building two bridges, but he said yesterday the east-end bridge should be built first, and the reworking of Spaghetti Junction and the downtown bridge should be put off or reworked until they are more affordable. The plan was presented as a way to keep tolls on the new bridges low.

The coalition sent out this statement yesterday:

…It was forward thinking and encouraging for Heiner to take the courageous step of being open to “streamlining the project to an affordable level” while not abandoning the project altogether.

Shawn Reilly, co-founder of Say NO to Bridge Tolls said “I am pleased to see Hal Heiner taking a progressive stance on the Ohio River Bridges Project that is more in line with our goal of reducing the design and scope of the Project into phases, that can be financed without tolls and connects our communities in a reasonable and affordable way”

We’re calling on candidates Greg Fischer and Jackie Green to follow Heiner’s lead by modifying their platforms on the Ohio River Bridges Project and calling on all candidates for public office to take a stand against tolls on our existing bridges. It’s vital for Louisville’s future to reduce the scope of the Project into phases that don’t require any tolls.

As an overview, Fischer says $3 tolls are too high and would like to complete the project as soon as possible. Green says public transit should be improved first, as bridges may not be necessary if Louisville has a top-notch bus/rail system.