A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows that voters are pessimistic. Very pessimistic.

Just one in five approve of the job Congress is doing while a whopping 72 percent disapprove. Six in ten say that this Congress’ performance has been either below average (28 percent) or “one of the worst” (32 percent). (Just six percent describe it as “one of the best” or “above average”.)

The two political parties fare little better. Thirty-three percent of the sample view the Democratic party positively while 44 percent view it negatively; the news is even worse for Republicans who are seen in a positive light by by 24 percent and a negative one by 46 percent — the worst showing ever for the GOP in the NBC/WSJ poll.

The poll doesn’t seem to indicate bad news for any single party, but for incumbents in general. Granted, Democrats may suffer the most since they’re the party in power, but GOP incumbents aren’t in a safe spot either, depending on their challengers. This isn’t exactly surprising news, but the numbers are higher than many observers may have expected. “Someone else” is still one of the most attractive candidates out there.