Former Democratic mayoral candidate Shannon White has endorsed Republican Hal Heiner in the Louisville mayor’s race.

In a statement, White said “We are at a critical juncture as a city, and because of that, I have given careful consideration to this endorsement. After meeting with both Greg and Hal, I have decided to choose an energizing leader, regardless of party affiliation, that I believe is the best choice as the next Mayor of Louisville.”

Heiner campaign spokesperson Joe Burgan says the campaign has met with several of the former Democratic candidates (Jim King has said he supports Greg Fischer) about endorsements.

In the May primary, White won about 2% of the vote. Burgan says White’s support is welcome, but the endorsement is also a large symbolic victory for the Heiner campaign, which has received support from Democratic voters in recent polls.

Heiner trails in female support in polls. While White will campaign for Heiner, Burgan says the White endorsement is not necessarily a play for the demographic.

“I don’t think we did this in hope that somehow this will give us an advantage in the female vote,” he says.

Three of the most notable Republicans elected in county-wide elections are County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw, former Congresswoman Anne Northup and former County Judge-Executive Rebecca Jackson.