Plans to build a CVS pharmacy in Louisville’s Douglass Loop have reportedly been scrapped. The drug store would have replaced a number of businesses and buildings, including the Twig and Leaf diner. reports that the developers behind the CVS have scrapped their plans, and the whole ordeal has inspired a campaign to have the Twig and Leaf declared a landmark.

“The Landmarks Commission did receive a petition to designate the Twig and Leaf a historic landmark,” says Dave Marchal, urban design administrator for the City of Louisville. “Now we have to write a report, take it to the Public Works Commission and have a hearing, and they may designate it.” Approval may come as early as this October.

Despite the area outcry (including a 6,000-member Facebook group that called upon its members to call the developers to voice their opposition),public meeting held on the subject—complete with artist’s renderings of the proposed CVS—the development is not moving forward.

“Probably not on that particular location,” says Greg Potts of The Zaremba Group. We’ve pretty much dropped all our interest in it.”

Marchal says, “[Developers] may shop the idea around the neighborhood and try to build support, but that’s not happening.”