We reported last week that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is planning to spend about $1.3 million in Kentucky, where Democrat Jack Conway is facing Republican Rand Paul. What we missed was that the DSCC has about as much cash on hand as its GOP counterpart:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee took in $4.4 million and spent $3.5 million July, leaving it with $22.5 million cash on hand. In the same period, the Republican National Senatorial Committee raised $4.2 million and spent $2.6 million, giving it $21.2 million in the bank.

Also, Chris Cillizza cited a recent CN2 Senate poll showing Conway and Paul tied (see the first link in this post for more on that), and has now put Kentucky’s race on his list of contests where a party switch is possible.

Ophthalmologist Rand Paul (R) has hit into a few potholes, including recently disrespecting the “Fancy Farm” event that is sacred in Kentucky politics. But next to Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle‘s struggles, Paul’s political sins seem relatively minor. Look for Democrats to press Paul on whether supports the federal legislative largesse that is the lifeblood of economically distressed areas in eastern Kentucky. (Legendary columnist Al Cross laid out Paul’s problems in that region expertly.) If Paul plays it smart and keeps his sometimes-unusual ideology in check, this should be a hold for the GOP in such a conservative state. (Previous ranking: N/A)