As reported, the Bi-State Bridges Authority will spend part of its October 7th meeting looking at two alternatives to the Ohio River Bridges Project. Those alternatives are 8664 and St. Louis’s staggered two-bridge project.

Tuesday, 8664 co-founder J.C. Stites sent out an e-mail about the 8664 review. In it, he says he’ll try to bring the engineer behind a 2007 feasibility study to the meeting.

8664 is making arrangements of Mr. Walter Kulash P.E., the engineer that conducted the 8664 Feasibility Study in 2007 to attend the next Bridges Authority meeting. Mr. Kulash described the 8664 alternative as “a simple, common-sense plan that meets the purpose of the Bridges project, at a fraction of the Bridges cost, while delivering vastly more civic quality of life benefits.”

Stites tells LEO he’ll “do “any and everything” to ensure that Kulash shows.”

Authority co-chair Kerry Stemler has said several times that the plan for two new bridges and a reworked Spaghetti Junction will not change.