The story from WFPL is pasted below.*

Lawsuits challenging two candidates for Kentucky’s Third Congressional District have been dropped.

County Republican Party vice-chair Cordell Lawrence had filed suit against Libertarian candidate Ed Martin and independent Michael Hansen. The suits said the candidates did not properly file to run for the seat currently held by Democrat John Yarmuth.

Martin’s campaign said the suits were a desperate attempt to get two candidates off the ballot because they might take votes away from Republican candidate Todd Lally. Lally’s campaign manager Jay Hill said he had nothing to do with the suits.

A hearing was to be held Monday on Martin’s case. But Martin says he and Hansen received calls Friday afternoon saying the suits were dropped. Martin says he was faxed paperwork confirming the suit had been withdrawn.

*As I was bolding the names, it hit me that this story has the highest concentration of names of any story I’ve written. I’ve written stories with more names, but there were more words around them.