As reported on WFPL today, Democratic mayoral candidate Greg Fischer received 29 union endorsements. At the event celebrating the endorsements, I talked with the vice president of the local Teamsters who says he supports Fischer’s stance against privatizing city services.

While no laborers said Fischer promised them he wouldn’t privatize services, Republican Hal Heiner‘s campaign says Fischer isn’t being honest about the issue with unions. Heiner’s campaign spokesperson Joe Burgan pointed to Fischer’s statement at a debate in July that the mayor must consider all options, including privatization.

John David Dyche mentioned that statement in a write-up of the debate, and said the shift in position was relatively minor.

Fischer retreated a few millimeters from the absolute opposition to privatizing government services he expressed as a 2008 U. S. Senate candidate. Heiner emphasized the need for better data about the costs of Metro services, but surprisingly played down privatization almost as much as Fischer did. In future encounters, Heiner should emphasize the radically pro-labor positions Fischer took as a Senate candidate.

So what exactly was said about privatization in that debate? Listen to the mp3 for yourself. The file starts with Dyche, then has answers from Fischer, independent Jackie Green and then Heiner.