Several members of the Louisville Metro Council are reviewing a resolution that would oppose the use of tolls on existing bridges as a means of paying for new bridges in the Ohio River Bridges Project.

LEO says Tina Ward-Pugh is leading the efforts (contrary to earlier reports), along with fellow Democrats Jim King, Tom Owen, Vicki Aubrey Welch and Brent Ackerson. Ward-Pugh has a history of opposing the Ohio River Bridges Project. She supported 8664 co-founder Tyler Allen in the Democratic primary for mayor this year, and she fought against the formation of the Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority. But the resolution does not take a stand against the actual infrastructure plans for the bridges project.

“I think tolls can be necessary to fund large projects, however, we don’t agree that we should pay for this project by tolling existing transportation infrastructure,” says Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh, who sponsored the resolution. “The other component that’s critical is this resolution does not take a position for or against one bridge or two bridges. This resolution affirms that the ORBP should be built in phases, beginning with the East End bridge.”

The bridges authority restated its dedication to the two-bridge project in their latest meeting.

While the authority has discussed tolling existing bridges, nothing has been confirmed. (For a look at the tolls being considered and how they might affect traffic if they’re imposed on existing bridges, click here.)

New Albany’s city council has passed a similar anti-toll resolution.