Senator Jim Bunning used to hold weekly conference calls with the press. Rick Howlett covered them for WFPL. Bunning was talkative, and sometimes, these resulted in entertaining sound bites.

Bunning was asked about the poll numbers during his weekly conference call with reporters Tuesday. The Republican would say only that the poll was indeed conducted. He didn’t mince words when asked what that means.

“That means it’s none of your g**d*** business,” he said, laughing.

The conference calls stopped last year, and Bunning quotes–serious and not–aren’t as easy to come by. But recently, Bunning spoke at a northern Kentucky fundraiser for Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul.

Al Cross wrote about it for Politico. Bunning had some of unfiltered words for everyone, from President Barack Obama:

“President Obama doesn’t know a darn thing about Kentucky.”

…To Democratic candidate Jack Conway:

“a poor little rich boy [who] never worked a day in his life, except as a lawyer”

…To Rand Paul himself:

“Rand Paul can succeed me and not do a great job.”

“In other words, he can succeed me in spite of himself.”

These are essentially the tropes of the campaign, and it’s unlikely this will give the Democrats as much ammo some of Bunning’s saltier language in the Senate. However, perhaps they can make hay out of Bunning’s statement that Rand Paul will continue the Senator’s voting record, if elected.