As reported on WFPL, Public Health Director Dr. Adewale Troutman has taken a job in Florida and Troutman’s wife Denise Troutman will step down as president and CEO of the Center for Women and Families to move to Florida as well.

Health department spokesperson Kathy Harrison says Dr. Troutman’s decision was not inspired by the upcoming mayoral elections. A new mayor could have replaced Troutman, but that has not been widely discussed, if at all, in the campaigns. Rather, Harrison said the 65-year-old Dr. Troutman had been contemplating retirement simply received an attractive offer. He will be the director of the University of South Florida’s Public Health Practice and Public Health Leadership Institute.

“He’s also going to serve as a consultant to the Department of Community Health in Tampa and will be a full professor at the University of South Florida and he expects to start his new post in early November,” says Harrison.

Troutman will step down in November. Medical director Dr. Matt Zahn will be interim health director. The next mayor of Louisville will appoint a permanent director.

Denise Troutman will leave the CWF in March. A search for a new president and CEO will begin next month.