Hundreds of new bike parking spots will be added to downtown parking garages, all within walking distance of the KFC Yum Center (the new arena).

Broken Sidewalk has a map and more information:

Dirk Gowin, Transportation Planning Administrator with Bike Louisville, says the city plans to add a total of 262 new bike parking spaces within a ten minute walk of the arena and 46 more within a 15-minute walk. These 308 new spaces will bring the total number of bike parking spots within a 15-minute walk of the arena to 630.


Originally, the plan was to have all the bike racks in place for the opening of the arena, but a small hitch came up: PARC was concerned about the color of the bike racks. Yep, that’s right… the color. Originally, the city purchased three green staple racks to be installed in the garages, but PARC was worried the green would clash with the blue it uses for garage signs. Because, you know, it would have thrown off the entire feng shui of the parking garage aesthetic.

Don’t worry, the denied green racks won’t go to waste. One has already been installed at the Bluegrass Brewing Company on Theater Square to help out with planned BBC Bike Nights. (Any suggestions where two other 5-staple racks might be useful Downtown?)

By locating these bike racks in parking garages, Bike Louisville hopes to increase the security and convenience of bike parking. Besides being sheltered from the weather, the bike racks will be located within view of the parking attendant, so there will be bike rack supervision most times (depending on the garage).