A list of absentee landlords will be published in the Courier-Journal soon. It could be published this week.

The publication is one step a group of Metro Council members is taking to crack down on abandoned properties, which do no favors to the community.

The list is available online (horizontal PDF), and only property owners who owe more than $12,000 in fines to the city will be published in the paper.

Aside from individuals, the list includes banks, LLCs and at least one nonprofit. I’ve been looking through the list hoping to talk with some of these property owners. As I worked my way down, after reaching disconnected lines and leaving messages with secretaries and answering machines, I found Go Invest Wisely. This Utah-based company has made the news in other cities (St. Louis, Cleveland) and the news isn’t very good.

From the Plain Dealer:

In many ways Go Invest Wisely LLC is emblematic of what the region faces as it contends with companies trading in distressed properties.

Since 2008, the Utah company has taken title to roughly 185 properties in Cuyahoga County — most for less than $2,000, according to county records. It has unloaded about 170 properties — including at least 60 Cleveland properties sold to out-of-state businesses after Cleveland Housing Court Judge Raymond Pianka put the company on probation last year, according to records. The sales did not violate the specific terms of the probation order.

The company has paid $9,000 in Housing Court fines and still owes about $1.2 million in cases that stem from code violations and the company’s repeated failure to complete a required seller disclosure form that concerns property conditions, according to records. The company has appealed nearly every ruling.

The company is currently refunding money to its clients, though the details are murky.

I’ve contacted Go Invest Wisely, but haven’t yet heard back.

I’ll post any more interesting bits from the list as I work my way through it.