Former Democratic mayoral candidate Shannon White has blogged about a lunch meeting she set up between Republican mayoral candidate Hal Heiner (whom she has endorsed) and Fairness Campaign director Chris Hartman. Heiner’s history on Fairness has been a frequent target, and White’s account restates several of Heiner’s explanations for his actions.

Hal said he voted against Fairness, because he was under the impression that the LGBT community was protected under federal statutes and named three cases where folks were defended.

Chris proved this argument to be false and mentioned three local cases where the Fairness ordinance was the only protection available for LGBT in our community.

Hal repeated that he had NO intention of overturning the Fairness ordinance and as a referendum by the voters, he took the will of the people very seriously.

Chris appreciated hearing this AGAIN, and sincerely thanked him for his support moving forward.

Chris asked Hal about how he felt about domestic partnerships for Metro Government employees in his Administration.

Hal stated that putting financial considerations aside, a “PLUS ONE” benefit program whether for domestic partners of same sex or straight couples would be something he would like to see in his first term.