On Thursday, Louisville Metro Police Officer Paul Pegram was hit by an SUV and killed while riding his bicycle in Spencer County.

From Broken Sidewalk:

Pegram was off duty at the time and was stopped on the shoulder of Briar Ridge Road.  Both Pegram and the driver lived within two miles of the crash site.  According to LMPD, Pegram enjoyed cycling and would ride several times a week.  The driver told police he didn’t see Pegram on his bike before the collision.

Briar Ridge Road, also known as State Highway 248, is a winding rural two-lane undivided road with a posted speed limit of 55 mph.  Even at only 40 mph, the chances of surviving a collision with a car are only 15 percent, so an impact at 55 mph would be even worse.

On Friday, Police Chief Robert White was asked about Officer Pegram, the accident and cycling. Here is the full audio of his remarks. (MP3)