Left-leaning PAC MoveOn held a press conference in Louisville Tuesday to discuss front-group spending in support of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul. MoveOn has run ads criticizing Paul, while the conservative Crossroads GPS has run ads criticizing Paul’s opponent, Jack Conway.

Here is MoveOn’s statement:

So far, $1,467,763 has been spent by corporate and right-wing special interests to help elect Rand Paul. Over $647,000 has come from Karl Rove’s front-group alone! Since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which allows unlimited secret corporate spending in politics, shadowy front groups funded by Big Oil, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and others, have been spending tens of millions of dollars in support of Republican candidates. By using front-groups, corporations can hide their electoral spending.

Just last week, two of the biggest-spending corporate front groups, the Chamber of Commerce and Crossroads GPS, came under fire. It was reported that some of the $75 million the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending this election cycle came from foreign corporations, while the IRS was asked to investigate the legality of the spending of Karl Rove’s group, Crossroads GPS, which already spent $18 million this election cycle.

“Kentucky voters have a right to know who is spending all this money in support of Rand Paul, and why,” said Kelley Rouda, a local MoveOn member.  “Over a million dollars have been spent on ads in Kentucky from shadowy front groups set up to hide giant contributions from foreign corporations, Big Oil, financial institutions and other corporate interests. The effects on our democracy are devastating. It’s impossible for ordinary voters here to make informed choices or have our voices heard, and if corporate CEOs and lobbyists are shelling out big money to support Rand Paul, he is going to owe them. Who’s going to represent ordinary families in Kentucky then?