Kentucky retailers are not looking up. Business First has the latest on the Kentucky Retail Federation’s survey.

The survey included questions about annual sales, work force and how members see the current economy impacting their businesses. The federation said Wednesday that 74 percent of respondents believe that their business won’t be financially better off this year than in 2009.

“This was really our most important question,” Tod Griffin, federation president, said in a news release. The statewide trade association represents more than 6,000 retailers.

“After all, the best measure isn’t just sales but also balances the cost of doing business. That can include rent, utilities and employee benefits. All of those things have a big impact on a retailer’s financial health.”

Regarding sales projections for 2010, about 54 percent of respondents said they believe sales would decrease over last year’s. Another 27 percent anticipated sales would stay the same, while about 19 percent think sales would increase. Retailers ranked consumer confidence as the main reason that sales would falter.