Independent mayoral candidate Jackie Green has dropped out of the mayor’s race and has endorsed Democrat Greg Fischer. We reported on the talks between the two candidates earlier today.

From the Fischer campaign:

Saying that Greg Fischer is the best candidate to lead Louisville into the future, leading Independent candidate Jackie Green announced today that he’s withdrawing from the mayor’s race and endorsing Fischer.

“Fischer’s vision for a sustainable Louisville represents our community’s best chance to improve our environment, support renewable energy and improve public transportation,” Green said.

Fischer welcomes Green’s endorsement, saying he brought important issues to light in the mayor’s race.

“Jackie represents an important and growing voice in our community. I appreciate his support, and I look forward to his continued input,” Fischer said. “I want to establish Louisville as one of America’s greenest cities and Jackie Green – and his many passionate supporters — can help with that vision.”

Fischer has announced plans to create the Office of Sustainability, a Cabinet-level department that reports directly to the mayor and works to make Louisville a greener city. Fischer said he will consult with Green to provide significant input to help structure that office.

“Green can bring a very valuable perspective to the office,” Fischer said.

From Joe Burgan with the Heiner campaign:

If Greg Fischer has such poor judgment that he believes it’s acceptable to sell a city department of government in exchange for a political endorsement he is clearly unfit to be mayor.

As LEO reports, some of Green’s supporters are not pleased:

The announcement has upset a handful of Green’s supporters, including his campaign staff who weren’t aware of the decision and believe their message was resonating with voters.

“I’m a little upset because I wasn’t prefaced to this conversation at all,” says Tyler Hess, Green’s campaign manager. “The Fischer campaign came to us a week ago with this. We got calls from Chris Poynter pressuring us to get out, so the Courier-Journal reporting we came to them had it all backwards. They were salivating at our growing momentum because the voters appreciated his extra voice. Now Greg is changing his platform and it’s unbelievable that this conversation has changed this quickly.”

“I’m disappointed in Jackie, really. I thought he saw through it all and that Fischer wasn’t authentic,” says Curt Morrison, a former Green campaign volunteer. “I think his supporters will split. Some will follow Jackie based on their faith in him. I know Fischer has offered him the world, and others will recognized Heiner is more qualified to be mayor. I’m definitely with Heiner.”

The volunteer who operates Green’s Twitter account wasn’t pleased either.

Here is the former candidate endorsement tally:

  • Fischer: Jackie Green, David Tandy and Jim King
  • Heiner: Tyler Allen, Shannon White and Lisa Moxley