Here is the WFPL story:

Independent mayoral candidate Jackie Green says he could drop out of the race.

Green says he’s met with Democratic candidate Greg Fischer twice in the last week. Green says if the Fischer campaign could meet certain criteria, he would drop out of the race and endorse Fischer. Green wants Fischer to promise to limit the development of greenfields and put a higher priority on public transit. Failing that, Green says he wants Fischer to create a strong office of sustainability.

“Put real power in that office and let us elect the leadership of that office,” he says. “Us being the Jackie Green for mayor team.”

Green says he’s not specifically asking to lead the office, and he has not been offered a job. Green says Republican Hal Heiner‘s campaign has said they want him in the race.

A spokesperson for Heiner says the negotiations with Green are a sign that Fischer is desperate to win votes. Recent polls have show Fischer either statistically tied with or slightly leading Heiner, with Green polling below three percent.

Here is the Joe Burgan with the Heiner campaign’s full response:

Apparently Greg Fischer has found it so difficult to win votes he’s now resorting to wheeling and dealing Metro salaries for endorsements.  Louisville deserves an open, honest and accountable government that works for the people, not the benefit of a political campaign.

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