Another day, another round of links to national coverage of the Jack Conway/Rand Paul Senate race.

NPR’s Brian Naylor was on Morning Edition Wednesday summing up the latest developments.

And on Jimmy Kimmel Live, as the host joked about the debate and Aqua Buddha in his monologue.

Paul says he can’t recall the “Aqua Buddha” prank he was allegedly involved in.

From Politico:

“I wish I had a great story about it, I don’t remember anything about the story,” Paul told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham Wednesday morning. “We were kind of nerds,” saying he and other college-era friends couldn’t remember the anonymous woman who has been quoted in the press saying Paul and a friend tied her up and blindfolded and made her worship a god called “Aqua Buddha.”

It’s unclear whether the “we” in that sentence refers to the NoZe Brotherhood Paul was reportedly a member of.