The latest turn in the mayoral endorsement controversy comes from Metro Council President Tom Owen.

Own has told Democratic candidate Greg Fischer‘s campaign that Republican Hal Heiner promised former Democratic candidate Tyler Allen input on transportation issues in exchange for Allen’s endorsement.

From the Fischer campaign:

Owen said he met with Allen in September just before Allen announced he was endorsing Heiner. The two met for an hour at the McDonald’s at Warnock Avenue and Floyd St. at U of L.

Owen called Allen and arranged the meeting because he heard that Allen was about to announce he was backing Heiner.

“Tyler clearly stated to me that he was promised by the Heiner campaign to have input into transportation issues, if he endorsed Heiner and if Heiner won,” Owen said. “Mr. Heiner, whom I respect, is being a hypocrite. I call on Hal to come clean with the public and with the voters.”

Owen is referring to the controversy over how independent Jackie Green decided to endorse Fischer.

Heiner campaign manager Joe Burgan says the accusations are “100 percent false,” and he will say more after today’s Rotary Club debate. He tells LEO he will release all e-mails between the Heiner campaign and Allen later today. Allen was unavailable for comment.