The Jefferson County Teachers Association has withdrawn its endorsement of Third District School Board candidate David Toborowsky.

Brent McKim, president of the teachers association, said that over the last few days, the union’s political action committee, Better Schools Kentucky, “learned of some new information that raises questions about Mr. Toborowsky’s candidacy.”

“After looking into this matter further, Better Schools Kentucky has decided, at this time, to withdraw the endorsement of David Toborowsky and to discontinue its independent expenditures backing his endorsement, effective immediately,” McKim said in a statement.

At Monday night’s school board meeting, McKim told a Courier-Journal reporter the key issue pertains to Toborowsky’s residency status in District 3, which was questioned during a news report on WAVE-TV Monday evening.

It turns out that Toborowsky says he’s living with Chris ThienemanFrom WAVE3:

Toborowsky listed the address on Alia Circle in his election filing and his voter registration card to qualify to run for the school board’s 3rd district seat, but a teen, whom we can’t identify, told us Toborowsky didn’t live there.

The teen told us former mayoral candidate and real estate developer Chris Thienamen did.

When Thienamen showed up, he told us Toborowsky asked to move in shortly before the election’s filing deadline.

“He asked me. He said: ‘Listen, you know I want to run for this thing and I need a place to stay. Would you care if I lived with you?’ I said: ‘Absolutely not. You’re my best friend,'” said Thienamen.

“I just think it’s the wrong reasons, to move in to run,” said Steve Neal, former Executive Director of Jefferson County Teachers Association. “It’s just wrong.”

Neal says he heard about Toborowsky’s plan to move into the district at the last minute from JCTA President Brent McKim.

In fact, records show Toborowsky filed to run just hours before the deadline closed.

As the Education Voodoo blog points out, Thieneman’s address has been used for various political purposes.

A quick search on The Courier-Journal’s campaign contribution database turned up a BOATLOAD OF DONORS associated with 2606 Alia Circle. Maybe there is a glitch in the database search but it’s so crazy I can’t explain it.