The nationally-respected news source The Onion* has an analysis of the race between Baron Hill and Todd Young for Indiana’s 9th District Congressional seat.

“Yard Sign With Candidate’s Name On It Electrifies Congressional Race”

An  excerpt:

Indiana University political science professor Henry Trout echoed Matalin’s analysis, telling reporters he believes Young will easily carry all 20 counties in the district. Trout said he bases his landslide prediction on the fact that by Election Day most residents will have either viewed the sign personally or heard from their peers how its array of stars “makes one understand that Todd Young is a bright, shining beacon of hope, somebody capable of restoring faith in American politics.”

“If that sign could talk,” Trout continued, “it would say, ‘Voting for a candidate other than Todd Young would be an affront to everything that makes this country great.”

*A satirical publication, in case you weren’t sure.