The anti-toll group Say No To Bridge Tolls* is spreading the news that the Sellersburg, Indiana Town Council has passed a resolution opposing excessive tolls on new bridges over the Ohio River. They recently sent out this notice, adding Sellersburg to the list of cities that have passed legislation opposing high tolls.

NO Tolls resolutions express the public’s fervent opposition against tolls, as a financing mechanism to pay for bridges. At the last business meeting of the Bridges Authority, on October 7, 2010, the Authority acknowledged receipt of NO Tolls resolutions by the New Albany City Council and the Louisville Metro Council.

Since that last Authority meeting, NO Tolls resolutions have also been passed by the Clark County Council, the Utica Town Council, the Jeffersonville City Council, and now the Sellersburg Town Council. Say NO to Bridge Tolls will be presenting copies of the latest resolutions to the Authority at their next business meeting, scheduled for November 4, 2010 at 10 am (Location: TBD).

*This is my favorite tautological lead