The NRSC has a new ad out that takes aim at Democratic Senate candidate Jack Conway.

Conway himself, however, as a new ad that criticizes Republican Rand Paul.

Speaking of criticizing Republican Rand Paul, the NEA has released this ad.

And then there’s this…an editorial in the Lexington Herald-Leader about the recent violence outside of Monday’s Senate debate.

The Paul campaign condemned the attack, disassociated itself from the volunteer who stomped the woman’s head and called on activists “on both sides” to avoid “physical altercations of any kind.”

The problem with the Paul statement is that only one side, his side, resorted to violence.

We keep hearing this is the year of the angry voter. But what motivates people to physically assault a woman who’s carrying a political sign they don’t like?

Certainly not respect for the Constitution, which enshrines the right of all citizens to express their opinions without fear. Not a belief in the rule of law. Not common decency.

Some members of Paul’s Tea Party issue paranoid warnings that President Barack Obama and Democrats are totalitarians out to impose Marxist control over our country.

But look which side produced the goon squad.