American Crossroads is helping fund a series of ads against Democratic Senate candidate Jack Conway. Because the sources of the group’s funds may remain hidden, it’s not always clear who is supporting the ads.

ABC News, however, reports on one Kentuckian who is financially fighting Conway through contributions to Republican Rand Paul and through work with Crossroads.

The businessman’s name is Terry Forcht. And like many super-wealthy conservative donors who are quietly stoking the GOP’s mid-term election surge around the nation, the extent of his investment in the 2010 campaign is both vast and, for now at least, largely unknown.

In addition to donating personally to Republican Rand Paul’s upstart campaign, Forcht is the banker handling funds for American Crossroads. The conservative group was founded by Republican strategist Karl Rove and has, through its non-profit arm, American Crossroads GPS, channeled millions into this year’s campaigns without identifying its donors.