Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw is reportedly considering running for Governor on the Republican ticket.

If she decides to run, she will face State Senate President David Williams and businessman Phil Moffett (and anyone else who enters the race) in the primary.

From the Herald-Leader:

Holsclaw, who easily won re-election Nov. 2 to her fourth four-year term as clerk of the state’s most populous county, said she is getting encouragement from various people to enter the race for Kentucky’s highest elective office.

“I have this wonderful job, but I have to decide whether to give the people of this state another choice,” she said during a telephone interview.


Holsclaw said she only met Moffett once but has worked with Williams’ office in her role with the state clerks’ association.

“I think I would have an advantage in the race because of my administrative experience,” she said.

On the Democratic side, Governor Steve Beshear is seeking re-election.