First, the good news. Louisville has been recognized as a world festival and event city by the International Festival and Events Association. Louisville was the top North American city honored, but finished behind Sydney, Australia.

From the IFEA:

Louisville, Kentucky provides a supportive environment for a wide variety of festivals and special events throughout the year. Many of which are festivals with longstanding roots in the community, in addition to several new events that have been warmly embraced by the local residents and visitors in recent years. The city’s governmental leadership, along with a strong base of professional and volunteer guidance, has helped these events thrive, both economically and culturally. Louisville is a city that enjoys celebrating its unique heritage and the many special events that entertain hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Thanks to WFPK’s Stacy Owen for the tip.

Now, the other news. The Kaden Building (the one with the Ruth’s Chris sign on it) has been named one of the 12 ugliest buildings in the world.

What do you think? Some of the buildings on the list don’t look so bad. I kind of like the bolwoningen.

(h/t to Loueyville)