As he promised after his election, Mayor-elect Greg Fischer has invited the Metro Council to his home.

On Saturday, Fischer will have breakfast with the council, but the transition team says the event is purely social. It has to be. If a majority of any committee or of the entire council is present, they have a quorum. If city business is discussed, it becomes a meeting and is subject to open meetings laws.

“Most council members should know that,” says minority caucus director Steve Haag.

Haag says the breakfast will be social, and council members will refrain from discussing business.

“They [the Fischer team] is learning the difference between the private sector and government as far as open meetings laws,” he says.

Majority caucus spokesperson Tony Hyatt agrees. He says the council is very aware of what would constitute a meeting, and they will not cross that line. They may discuss the election and share their thoughts on their districts, but they won’t go over the budget or talk about legislation, says Hyatt.