LEO reports that the breakfast we reported on yesterday between Mayor-elect Greg Fischer and the Metro Council will be covered by the media…but only two outlets.

It was brought to our attention by a reporter with The Courier-Journal via social networking that the Saturday social would be open to the media. When asked if members of the press could attend the Fischer breakfast with council members, however, the mayor-elect’s spokesman said only handpicked media would be allowed inside.

“We are allowing a two pool reporters  — CJ for all print and WHAS for all TV,” said Chris Poynter, in an e-mail message. “Details to be sent later today.”

Other reporters have told LEO Weekly that they were informed by the transition team that they could stand outside the Fischer premises, but were discouraged from coming altogether.

The breakfast will be held at Fischer’s home, but if a majority of the council or a council committee is present, they cannot discuss city business. That would turn the social gathering into a meeting and make it subject to open meetings laws. If the breakfast violates those laws, then the case would go to the city ethics panel. Previously, the question about the breakfast was, “How will we know what is discussed?” It would be up to the attendees to not discuss official business or report that discussions took place.  The pool reporters will, presumably, share their information with other press (this happens in courtrooms all the time–a camera crew will feed audio and video to other reporters).

UPDATE: Here is the official release from the Fischer team:

Greg and Alex Fischer will be hosting members of the Louisville Metro Council and their spouses/partners for a breakfast at their home this Saturday morning at 9 a.m. This is social event and no official business will be discussed. However, since all council members will be present with the Mayor-Elect, two pool reporters will be allowed to cover the event. The pool reporters were chosen today by random draw.

The Courier-Journal will be the print pool representative and WHAS-TV will be the broadcast pool representative. The CJ and WHAS have agreed to share their information and footage with other media outlets following the breakfast.