The Courier-Journal has published a special report on jobs, noting that Louisville lost nearly 25 thousand jobs over the last decade, while many peer cities added jobs. The web coverage includes a graph that shows unemployment steadily rising in the area through the 1990s.

LEO previously reported on the decade of job loss and discussed the criticism surrounding Greater Louisville Inc.

The C-J asked Mayor-elect Greg Fischer about GLI’s value to the city. Here is the exchange:

Q: Should the city continue providing about 13 percent of Greater Louisville Inc.’s budget?

A: One of our transition teams is going to be taking a look at that. … We’ll be looking at all the issues that are associated with economic development. … I am committed to looking at it very objectively — asking ourselves, why do we have GLI? Why do we have the Downtown Development Corp.? Asking ourselves, where is there overlap in the city?

Q: Do you think GLI has done a good job attracting businesses to locate or expand in Louisville?

A: When you take a look at how we are competing against our 16 peer cities, we have to say, as a community, we have not done as well as we should have — as a community. That’s when we say, is it education, is it GLI — what is it?