The Louisville Clock will not have a permanent home at the Louisville Zoo.

So says Sheldon Shafer in the C-J:

The cost — perhaps more than $200,000 — currently puts out of reach a plan to have the one-of-a-kind clock as the centerpiece of in a new entry plaza, said zoo Director John Walczak.

“There are no bad guys here,” Walczak said. “The clock would have been a wonderful asset. But, for now, it’s shelved.”


Burckle, Walczak and Mayor Jerry Abramson’s administration had agreed early this year that the zoo was the ideal spot for the whimsical, 40-foot-high clock that features five historic figures that race around the tilted clock face.

But Walczak said the cost of the plan to make the clock the centerpiece of an entryway plaza simply wound up being too expensive — considering that the project would need a fence, landscaping, benches for viewers, lighting, electrical and other utilities and a concrete foundation. The zoo took bids on the clock plaza work in October, and the three submitted ranged from $174,000 to $213,000.

Mayor-elect Greg Fischer will likely pick up on Abramson’s efforts to find a location for the clock, which is owned by the city but has been inactive for more than a decade. It its prime, the clock was moved around downtown several times, but was prone to breaking down. Just like my first car.