LEO’s annual Loserville issue is out. Spokespeople, personalities, a TV station, politicians and assorted inanimate objects all get a fun dose of negativity. But the final entry is…you, or…us.

Yeah, you. You’re overweight, but you can’t stick to a diet. You’re undereducated, yet you pretend to be an expert after browsing Wikipedia. You voted for Rand Paul, even though you’re not a millionaire and are benefiting from state and federal programs that you can’t even name, and, speaking of names, you probably don’t even know who your congressman, councilperson or state representative is, but you think Barack Hussein Obama is a dirty Kenyan socialist. You breed like there’s no tomorrow, you drive your car to the Wal-Martdown the street, and save your meager intellectual prowess to debate last night’s episode of “Lame Ass TV Show.” Meanwhile, the world is growing more polluted, the gap between rich and poor increases, and all you care about is whether you got shortchanged on the levels of your Big Gulp soda.

We’ve all fallen so far. We were Time’s Person of the Year in 2006.