Letters from children have been submitted as evidence in the Louisville Orchestra’s bankruptcy case. The Wall Street Journal picked up on it.

“I’ve just heard the terrible news, please don’t shut down the Louisville Orchestra,” beseeched one Keegan Taylor. “PLEASE! I beg you!”

One of her classmates, Hanna White, had similar sentiments.

“I’m terribly sad that we might not get to take our filed trip to the louisville orchestra [sic],” she said. To make sure her point wasn’t lost on the reader — Judge David Stosberg, the bankruptcy official assigned to the case — White added in a hand-drawn little girl with the words “I would Love [sic] to go to the lousiville orchestra [sic]” ballooning out of her mouth.

Benjamin G. Morley also pleaded with the judge to try to turn the case around, saying that he had heard the orchestra might have to shut down.

“If it does I will be devestated. [sic] Plese [sic] reconsider so we can go,” he said, signing the letter “your best friend” and peppering his plea with ample exclamation points, capital letters and underlined phrases.

Our sources indicate the letters were not carried into the court in large mail sacks by letter carriers. Further, the letters were not dumped out in the court, and no letter carrier said, “One thousand letters to the Orchestra.”