Congressman John Yarmuth talked with reporters on Saturday afternoon about the shooting spree that led to several deaths (six at the time of this post) and left Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords critically injured.

WFPL’s Rick Howlett has the story. His piece mentions that this violence may change the way Yarmuth (and other members of Congress) hold public events. As for the role of political rhetoric in inspiring the shooting, Yarmuth says that discussion is very premature. And NPR’s Ken Rudin offers these words about such speculation:

What is also unsurprising, but regrettable, is that everyone is ascribing a motive for the shooting without any credible information.

The Internet and the Twitterworld have been filled with speculation on why she was shot: that she was too liberal and was shot by a Tea Party conservative.  Or that she was too moderate and shot by someone on the left.

All we know is that the shooter is under custody.  No statement has been released, no motive revealed.