Louisville Metro Council President Jim King has named the new chairs and vice chairs of council committees. The assignments were sent out in a press release Thursday, along with this statement:

The Government Accountability, Oversight and Ethics has been shortened to Government Accountability and Ethics. The word Bridges has been added to the title for Transportation and Public Works.

Some key appointments (among others) are Marianne Butler and Kelly Downard on the Budget Committee and Tina Ward-Pugh and Kevin Kramer on the Accountability and Ethics Committee.

The full list is below…

Appropriations NDF’s and CIF’s:

Dan Johnson (D-8) Chair

Robin Engel (R-22) Vice-Chair


Marianne Butler (D-15) Chair

Kelly Downard (R-16) Vice-Chair

Community Affairs:

Barbara Shanklin (D-2) Chair

Bob Henderson (D-14) Vice-Chair

Contracts and Appointments:

Mary C. Woolridge (D-3) Chair

David Yates (D-25) Vice-Chair

Energy and Environment:

Glen Stuckel (R-17) Chair

Judith Green (D-1) Vice- Chair

Government Accountability and Ethics:

Tina Ward-Pugh (D-9) Chair

Kevin Kramer (R-11) Vice-Chair

Health & Human Needs:

Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13) Chair

Brent T. Ackerson (D-26) Vice-Chair

Labor and Economic Development:

David Tandy (D-4) Chair

Stuart Benson (R-20) Vice-Chair

Parks, Libraries, Zoo and Cultural Assets:

Jerry Miller (R-19) Chair

Rick Blackwell (D-12) Vice-Chair

Planning/Zoning, Land Design & Development:

Jon Ackerson (R-18) Chair

Tom Owen (D-8) Vice-Chair

Public Safety:

James Peden (R-23) Chair

David James (D-6) Vice-Chair

Transportation, Bridges and Public Works:

Robin Engel (R-22) Chair

Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5) Vice- Chair