Local political strategist Jason Perkey, who worked on Tyler Allen‘s campaign for mayor (unsuccessful) and David Yates‘s campaign for the Metro Council (successful) was profiled in a recent issue of the Chicago Reader (h/t to LEO).

Perkey (who gave some thoughts on the mayor’s race to WFPL) moved to Chicago to work for mayoral candidate Danny Davis. Davis has withdrawn, but Perkey is staying in the city.

It was a shorter engagement than Perkey had hoped. On New Year’s Eve, Davis withdrew from the race, throwing his support to Braun. Last week Perkey was still scrambling to help some Davis staffers shift into jobs with Braun’s campaign. He wasn’t interested in working for her campaign himself, but he was looking for a job here, because he’d decided he’d like to stay in Chicago. “Chicago is what Louisville wants to be,” he said.

The abrupt ending to his biggest political job yet “caught me off guard,” he said, “but that’s something I’ve got to be prepared for from time to time in campaigns. I’m going to move forward and do what’s next.” He hopes it’s campaign work. “If you hear about any jobs, let me know.”