We’ve discussed broadband here before (many, many times). Often, our posts about broadband deal with the difficulties getting it in rural areas. Providers and customers both face difficulties, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has experienced the latter firsthand. He writes about it in a piece for The Atlantic. The essay’s main focus is net neutrality, which most cable providers have been fighting.

We have very few government agencies that the populace views as looking out for them, the people. The FCC is one of these agencies that is still wearing a white hat. Not only is current action on Net Neutrality one of the most important times ever for the FCC, it’s probably the most momentous and watched action of any government agency in memorable times in terms of setting our perception of whether the government represents the wealthy powers or the average citizen, of whether the government is good or is bad. This decision is important far beyond the domain of the FCC itself.